Posh Pets Travel

Información sobre la empresa Posh Pets Travel

Posh Pets Travel es una empresa familiar de transporte de mascotas, creada en 2004 y que tiene como servicios principales los viajes entre España y Reino Unido (en ambas direcciones). También ofrecen servicios de transporte a Francia y otros países europeos. Realiza un servicio puerta a puerta, recogiendo la mascota en el domicilio y acompañándola hasta el punto de destino elegido.

Según su página web, Posh Pet Travel ofrece «un servicio completo a un precio competitivo». Para ellos, el transporte terrestre es un medio más cómodo y económico que volar con las mascotas.

La página web está en inglés, y la traducción al castellano, aunque no es gramaticalmente correcta, se entiende perfectamente.

Datos de Contacto

La información de contacto, extraída de la propia web de Posh Pets Travel, es la siguiente:

Teléfono: +34 952 597 035

Móvil: 0044 7941 299 3299

En ambos números de teléfono tienen atención al cliente tanto en español (hablarán con Jasmine) como en inglés (atiende Rachel).

También cuentan con un formulario en la web para pedir presupuestos sobre viajes.


Si tu mascota ha viajado con Posh Pets Travel, te has puesto en contacto con ellos para solicitar información o conoces algún caso de servicio prestado por esta empresa nos encantaría que compartieras tu opinión con el resto de la comunidad de usuarios de transportedemascotas.net en la sección de comentarios. Así todos los usuarios de servicios de transporte de mascotas podrán tener más información a la hora de decidirse por una empresa para contratar su viaje.



  • Aimiee Ralston on Ago 24, 2013 Reply

    ahh hello my Luis!! Miss him so much! Thank you for looking after him for me !! x

  • Hi Rachel, Let me thank you again for everything, and be sure that if we need to move Pancha again we’ll count on you guys.
    Raquel, Cecilia, Javier, and Panchita.
    All your correspondance was informative- it was all right for us. The main reason to choose you was the feeling of good care with our dog. We were very impressed with your vehicle, I was not very familiar with this type of service before but it was impressive for me. I was happy with the info provided before and during the trip. Facebook was fantastic. We were very happy with the overall service.

  • Chris & Peter on Mar 25, 2013 Reply

    Apologies for taking so long to reply – we have been surrounded by mountains of packing cases since they were delivered last Monday and then a problem for the past few days with British Telecom and the internet!
    Jack has settled really well – he’s become a proper ‘Townie’ very quickly and hops on and off the tram on our way to various walks like he’s been doing it all his life!
    Thank you for delivering him safe, sound and on time – pretty good considering the atrocious weather you faced! Not much better now and looks like its going to go on and on and on……!
    Just to say that all communication was excellent and everything covered. We did not get any other quotation and price was not an issue. We would not have trusted Jack with any one else based on your reputation and the fact that Jack knew you and you knew him over the past 5 years.
    The POSH PETS vehicle looked fab – far better than my flight with Easyjet!
    We were very well informed through all stages and it was great to see pictures of Jack and the other pets on Face Book.
    We were completely happy. Our first priority when deciding to relocate was Jack’s transportation and once this was booked with you we could sort everything else with complete confidence and peace of mind that Jack was taken care of.

  • Richard & Sharon Cleave on Mar 14, 2013 Reply

    I would just like to take the opportunity now things have calmed down to thank Les and Rachel of Posh Pets Spain for transporting the Teebears gang. In my opinion they will come highly recommend to all of my friends without hesitation. They go above and beyond just a pet transportation business. They are true doggy people and understand them, so anybody that needs their dogs transported look no further. When the dogs arrived they wasn’t at all interested in us they stayed around Rachel and Les ,that alone speaks volumes.thanks to my friend Jan Baker for you recommendation.

  • Tracey Walls on Feb 27, 2013 Reply

    I found you guys to be very professional and very informative. I loved being able to check Facebook and see happy dogs on their travels. Mine looked very happy so I thank you again for taking such good care of them. I did receive other quotations, price was not the most important thing for me..it was recommendations on how good you guys are that we decided to use you and we are very happy we made the right choice.
    We were very impressed with the vehicle, pampered pooched for sure. I thought by keeping in touch via Facebook was a great idea so you can see them along their journey. The service was first class door to door and we would defo use you again and will recommend highly to friends. We were very happy with your service. First class.. I think the attention to detail and the way they are cared for is second to none.
    Many thanks once again on behalf of my family.